Take Back Your Power:
A Guide To Mindful Eating

Do you struggle with anxiety around food? Do you have an all or nothing mentality when it comes to your diet? Can you not control your snacking and want to end the guilt!? You are in the right place, because with my Course To Mindful Eating you will learn how to gain the control you’ve always wanted!

Get Control Over Snacking

You have chips, candy, sweets in the cabinet and you cant stop mindlessly snacking. You try to have a few bites and before you know it the bag is empty. Learn how to stop your mindless snacking for good!

Bad Eating Habits

We all have eating habits that lead us into the anxiety we feel around food. Putting too much on your plate, eating too fast, eating without thinking, not eating enough from fear of gaining weight. You will gain insight as to what kind of eater you are and how to fix it – mindful eating starts with your current eating habits and ends with learning how to fix them!

Lifestyle Change

Get a Lifestyle Makeover and learn the daily steps you need to take for your food anxiety to END! Gain new healthy recipes so you can make the foods you love and crave in a healthier way so you can reach your goals without the food obsession.


finally reach your goals!

Why does no diet seem to work? Why can’t you lose the weight and feel comfortable in your skin? It is because you have a poor relationship with food. You have an all or nothing mentality around eating and once you allow yourself to taste something decadent, you lose all control. The stress, anxiety and guilt is stealing your motivation for consistency. With this course you will develop better eating habits and a new mindset around food to get you on the path to finally seeing results!

No more mindless snacking. No all or nothing mentality. No anxiety or guilt. But a balanced way of eating so you no longer self sabotage your fitness journey.

Achieve Balance

Do you look at the clock and count down the minutes until your next meal? Do you have a problem with taking a bite of something and not being able to put it down? Do you want to be able to go out to dinner and not throw your whole diet out the window because of 1 meal? Yeah, I was there once too and thats why I’ve written this course; to help you get out of that mindset and into a life of balance. Food is controlling your life, your happiness and its time to take your power back!

what danielle had to say:

“Coming off a very intense competing season I was having trouble finding the balance between relaxing with tracking macros and having the all or nothing mentality. This course has helped me find a balance with tracking my macros while still going out and enjoying myself without going overboard. Knowing I wasn’t alone or crazy for feeling this way helped so much and i feel so much more at peace and balanced now. I AM IN CONTROL and I can not thank her enough and I still continue to learn from her everyday!”

what Deonna had to say:

“I am 29yrs old and have always struggled with my mentality around/with food! From thinking I should not eat anything because it will make me gain weight to craving and eating EVERYTHING because “I have always been this way” and “that’s just how I am”. I Highly recommend this course if you are ready to break negative food habits and thoughts surrounding these habits!!! Settling with this way of living where food is in control is no way to live!! This course helps you TAKE BACK CONTROL of your life and relationship with food! The lessons dig into your own personal whys and teaches you steps to feel satisfied and LIVE without constantly obsessing about food! The support and moral of this mindful eating course community is the missing puzzle piece I needed to have the courage to overcome my all or nothing mentality and still enjoy foods and have a good time! Food isn’t going anywhere, I am now in control!”

what Kristina had to say:

“…I am the girl who struggled my whole life with food. Binge eating, sugar and no control were my downfall. I had the pleasure of working with Christina about 4 years ago when she was my personal trainer. I loved her then, BUT she has helped me so much become the me I am learning to love again through her knowledge. She has been such a positive, motivational influence in my life! I took the plunge to do the mindful eating course because I wanted control of ME again. Food controlled my life and emotions. The modules, journal entries, motivation and tips she shares with you are life changing. She really teaches us how to have a healthy relationship with food and how to kick old habits. If you really open your heart and mind to the mindful eating course, you will realize that there is room to grow for every single one of us no matter what your struggles are. It has been about a month since I finished the course and I have had a tremendous change in my way of thinking about food. It does not control me anymore and I am able to have more control of my portions & cravings. Most importantly, I am feeling like me again. I feel in control and I feel healthy again! What I have gained from this course is astounding in my development as a woman! Thank you so much Christina for proving this to all of us! You’re the best!”

and Take Your Power Back!

Stop waking up each morning feeling guilty about what you ate the night before and get the help you need to live a balanced and mindful life around food. This course teaches you the steps I personally took to get control of my over eating and the all or nothing mentality around my diet. If you are ready to change the way you look at food so you can live a balanced, normal life and finally see the results you’ve dreamed of, this course was made for you!
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