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Gluten-Free, Diary-Free, Soy-Free Pizza

I’ve been 99% gluten, dairy, and soy free for the past few months and I feel so good! I don’t have an intolerance for these foods but I do experience some bloat (from gluten) stomach pains (from soy) and breakouts (from dairy) so I make a conscious effort to eat less of these foods. I have had some of my clients try to cut out gluten, soy, and dairy and the results have been amazing!

Tonight I was in the mood for pizza so I made pizza! If you are craving something, there is always an alternative you can make at home that will be better for you and have better calories per serving. Brian and I had 3 big slices each and I added a small side Caesar salad (Bolthouse farms Caesar salad dressing is amazing)



  • Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Crust
  • Fat-Free Pizza Sauce
  • Vegan Almond Mozzarella •Cheese (Trader Joe’s)
  • Prosciutto
  • Arugula
  • Lemon Juice



  • Make the crust from package directions. Highly recommend putting a wire cooling rack on your baking sheet to prevent the crust from being soggy.
  • Once the crust is cooked, add pizza sauce and season with garlic powder and oregano. Top with cheese and tear prosciutto.
  • Cook on broil for 4-5 minutes
  • While Pizza is finishing, toss arugula with lemon juice, salt, and pepper
  • When Pizza is done, top with arugula in the center and cut into 6 slices!


This was absolutely delicious and I truly prefer this to ordering pizza out. Call me crazy but it’s true. If you have a hard time eating right on the weekends, plan out what you are going to make at home! Make a big brunch in the morning, homemade pizza/tacos/burgers. Get creative in the kitchen and have fun with your food! This should be a lifestyle, not a miserable diet!



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